VBM the excellent Biological Insecticide

Bio Consortium is a unique blend of organic insecticides consisting beneficial microorganisms that help to prevent and control various pests 

The formulation includes selective strains of the following microbes: Beauveria bassiana, Verticellium lecanii, Metarhizium anisopliae

Beneficial microbes help to disturb natural population of insects like mealy bug and other sucking pests. It also reaches up to hibernating populations of Mealy bug which is hide over trunk. It grows over body of insects in favorable climatic conditions resulting into draining of nutrients from their body, eventually control over the pests. It is totally residue free biological product specially designed for Exportable produce.


 Consortia of Beauveria bassiana, Verticellium lecanii, Metarhizium anisopliae

Mode of Action

The fungus attaches to the external body surface of insects and larvae in the form of microscopic spores. Under the right conditions of temperature and humidity, these spores germinate, grow as hyphae and colonize the insect’s cuticle; eventually they bore through it and reach the insects’ body cavity. After some time, the insect is killed. After death occurs, the fungus proceeds to grow off the host producing a “white bloom” effect. The insect is covered by a white to yellowish cottony/mealy mold layer. The conidia spores are then released into the environment and a new life cycle begins ensuring constant control of the target pests.

Mode of Application

Amount of Bio Consortium required per acre will depend on the water use per acre as well as the degree of infestation due to the particular pests. The general recommendation is 200 liters of water.

it is let to stand for 24 hours for better activation and microbial growth. It is then used to apply as a foliar treatment over the crop

Normally 2 rounds of treatment are sufficient. If the Economic Threshold Levels (ETL) is more than 5% then the third round will be required.

VBM is recommended for control of Mealy bugs, Heliothis, Caterpillars, Beetles, Sucking pests, Root Weevils, Plant Hoppers, Japanese Beetle, Black Vine Weevil, Spittlebug, Termites, White Grubs, Stem Borer, Fruit Borer, Shoot Borer, Cooling Moth, Aphids, Thrips, White Flies, Scales, Jassids, Leaf Hopper, Leaf feeding insects, Colorado Potato Beetle, Cutworms, Semi Looper, Brown Plant Hoppers, Root grub and other pests in vegetables, cereals, millets, oil seeds, paddy, fruits and other agriculture and plantation crops.

VBM is compatible with all commonly used agri and plant protection inputs. As a general guideline and principle not more than two chemicals should be mixed with the foliar spray at a time.

The products are designed to be used as a foliar spray. It is not designed to be added to the soil and as such may have no effect if used in that manner.


The microbes that are present in VBM occur naturally in soils throughout the world and possess many strains that exhibit considerable variation in virulence, pathogenicity and host range.

does not create problems of resistance, resurgence and residue

Offers long lasting pest control and does not affect the natural enemies

It is ecofriendly and helps to conserve the ecosystem

Targeted Crops

Beneficial for all vegetables and fruits


For Spraying - 2.5 to 5 ml / liter of water

Soil Application - 2 liters/acre by drip

Note: Should not use with chemical fungicide


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VBM the excellent Biological Insecticide