Metarhizium anisopliae is a fungus that grows in soils across the world naturally and causes disease in different insects. When the spore of this fungus comes in contact with the skin of the insect pests; it grows directly through the spiracle skin into the inner body of the host.

Metarhizium Anisopliae Manufacturer

Anand agro care is leading in insecticides, bio-fungicides, bio-fertilizers metarhizium anisopliae manufacturer & supplier in Nashik, India. We are developed in 2009 at Nashik as an agriculture company dedicated to research & development, production commercialization of organic products for growth, and sustainability of agriculture. Every single product we manufacture is tested on different physical and chemical parameters before dispatch. Our greatest strength is our people, as per our Director Mr. Ghanshyam Prakash He made. We appreciate their knowledge and chase the way of thinking of participative administration wherein representatives are urged to take initiatives. we are Metarhizium anisopliae manufacturer that manufactures environmental friendly Metarhizium anisoplie bio-insecticide and help in providing a strong natural system for increasing the agriculture output.

Our product Dr. Bacto’s Meta is the metarhizium anisopliae bio-insecticides have the ability to attack and kill insects. We have tested the metarhizium used in many different ways to assess its safety to people and other animals. It starts producing swelling in the germ tube and deriving nutrition from the host. The fungus then produces a lateral extension of hyphae inside the insect body which starts feeding on the insect’s internal contents. It also produces secondary metabolites that help the fungus overcome the host defenses. After consuming internal fungus breaks out of insects making the insect appear fuzzy. Apply metarhizium preferably early in the morning or during late evening hours and applying it with too much water volume.

Key Benefits of Metarhizium Anisopliae Bio-Insecticides

1. It controls the pets of crops such as root grubs, termites, palm weevils, leafhoppers.

2. It is eco-friendly and maintains the ecological balance

3. Increases productivity by improving the crop health through containing the pests.

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Dr. Bacto's Meta

Dr. Bacto's Meta: The spores of this fungus when come in contact with the cuticle (skin) of susceptible insects, they germinate and grow directly through the cuticle to the inner body of their host. The fungus proliferates throughout the insect's body and draining the insect of nutrients, eventually killing it.

Root weevils, plant hoppers, and white grubs.

1. Dr. Bacto's Meta effectively controls Root weevils, plant hoppers Japanese beetle, Black vine weevil, Spittlebug and white grubs. Dr. Bacto's Meta is eco-friendly and helps to maintain the ecological balance
2. Harmless and Eco-friendly low cost agro-input.
3. Higher Shelf-life
4. Higher and perfect bacterial count
5. Allowed Organic Input by NOCA as Per NPOP standards of govt. Of India

Soil Application: 2 litter per Acer, Foliar Spray: 2.5ml/ Litter

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