Silicon spreader helps in reducing spray droplets tendency. It bounces off plant life by increasing foliar uptake through naturally occurring plant pathways and spreading agrochemicals to the greater leaf surfaces. It has a low molecular weight non-ionic silicone surfactant, developed to improve the wetting, spreading, and penetration of agricultural chemicals.

Silicone Spreader Suppliers

Anand Agro Care is able to offer Silicone Spreader with nine years of industrial experience, which is highly demanded as a spray adjuvant ingredient. We are leading in Silicone spreader suppliers & manufacturers in Nashik, India. Under the supervision of our professional chemical engineers, they are processed in compliance with international quality standards. We are equipped with the latest technology and are continuing to upgrade through indigenous research and development activities. We are committed to excellence and to provide superior product performance is the aim of Supreme Silicones. We are Silicone spreader suppliers proud to offer the highest quality products to our clients, supported by the highest quality services. Our strong infrastructure, complete in-house manufacturing process coupled with professional molders team helps us to develop products of very high quality in a short time. We are committed to excellence and the mission of Supreme Silicones is to provide superior product quality.  We are proud to offer the highest quality goods to our clients, supported by the highest quality services.

Our Anand Wet Gold product is a high-quality silicone spreader that is used to improve chemical wetting and penetration. It improves the penetrability, dispersity, absorption, transportation of the agro-chemical on the plant quickly and thoroughly. It is possible to greatly increase the spreading area and speed of the agrochemicals on the plant root. Silicone spreaders can infiltrate and penetrate the stomata of the plant, thus moistening them quickly, particularly for those leaves with waxy surfaces.

Key Benefits Silicone Spreader

1. Improves efficiency of agrochemical spraying solution by a reduction in surface tension

2. It promotes plant growth by stimulating cell division

3. It is a cost-effective spray adjuvant when used with any pesticides

4. Improves efficiency of fertilizer spreading & penetration

5. It is the only product that enters into the stomata structure of the leaf

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 Anand Wet Gold

Non Ionic silicon spreader

Anand wet Gold is Silicon based high quality technical super spreader. Anand Wet Gold is non ionic base in nature so that it never leave any stains on leaves during and after foliar application. It has greatest capacity to decrease the surface tension of spray solution.

1. It is cost effective product when used with any pesticides, enzymes and other mixtures of foliar spray solution.
2. It is the only one product which enters into the stomata structure of leaf.
3. Even on the application over smooth leaves, it spreads properly to allow the solution to penetrate.
4. While used with wedicide, it allows wedicide to get penetrated and absorb properly of better results.
5. It also helps fertilizers to be provided into root zone.
6. In stem washing process it allows medicine to get into fruits properly and effectively.

For foliar application 0.1 ml per liter water

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