PH is a scale that chemists use to measure acidity in soils. Most plants can tolerate a wide range of pH in the culture of the solution, but they cannot tolerate a wide range of soil acidity. The aim in balancing soil pH is not to achieve a particular pH value, but to adjust the acidity to the point where there are no toxic metals in solution and the availability of nutrients is at its maximum.

PH Balancer in Nashik

We, Anand Agro Care established in 2009 have become a leading manufacturer and supplier of Bio fertilizers, Biopesticides, Bio fungicides, Bio nematicides, Herbal extracts, Micronutrients, plant growth promoters, and ph balancer in nashik. To process these products as per industry norms, our firm has appointed an expert team who has prosperous industry acquaintance. These experts work with full devotion to process these products as per industry norms. In addition, in order to make sure the defect free range, quality professionals also inspects all our products on diverse industry parameters.

PH Balancer is a very innovative product from Anand Agro Care which helps not only to maintain the pH of spray solution. Our pH balancer in nashik Dr. Rich stabilizes their pH for a longer period of time. 0.5 ml dosage is optimum for agriculture usage. Crop health greatly depends on the balance of pH levels within the soil. Important conditions for ensuring agricultural crops will grow are the condition of the soil, including the pH balance. When soil becomes too acidic, it can make it very difficult to maximize the yield of agricultural crops.

Key Benefits of pH Balancer

1. This helps to maintain the pH solution of the tank mix during spray

2. It never retains any stains over an applied area of plant

3. It is compatible with all forms of agricultural use of chemical and organic inputs.

4. It is useful for all crops

5. We can use dose as per water quality

6. It gives (Indicate) reddish color when pH comes between 4 to 5

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Dr. Rich


Dr.Rich is very innovative product from Anand Agro Care which helps not only to maintain pH of spray solution but also it stabilizes their pH for longer period of time.

By the use of Dr. Rich, activity of pesticides, weedicides and other nutrients etc. will increased than normal.
It helps to reduce salt (Minerals), T.D.S. and E.C of water which also helps to make the nutrients available to plants easily.
It never retains any stains over applied area of plant.
It helps to maintain pH of tank mix solution during spray.
It is compatible with all type of chemical and organic inputs uses in agriculture.
This product can be used for the commercial industries to reduce pH, TDS and EC in waste water.
It is 100 % Eco-friendly product.

0.5 ml per Liter water

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