Dr. Bacto's Residue Manager


Consortium of beneficial micro organisms

It secretes enzymes which effectively degrades chemical pesticides. The Consortium feeds on chemical for its growth. It can be useful to control Powdery mildew and Downy Mildew disease observed in the month of December to March.


  • It is help to reduce MRL level of selected pesticides.
  • Residue Manager can reduce the activity of fungal disease like Powdery mildew and Anthracnose.
  • Residue Manager can improve uptake of Phosphorus and Potassium.
  • Improves root development in the plant.
  • Residue Manager having growth promoting activities when applied through soil.
  • Residue Manager is Cost Effective and Eco Friendly product.

1. 50-60 Days- 200 gm/acre soil application through drenching or drip.
2. 70-80 Days - 200 gm/acre foliar application.
3. 80-90 Days - 200 gm/acre soil application through drenching or drip.
4. 90-100 Days - 200 gm/acre before paper wrapping foliar application.
5. 110-120 Days - 200 gm/acre 8 days before harvesting foliar application.