Dr. Bacto's Bacto Kit

1. Dr. Bacto's COMBO 2. PSB 3. Dr. Bacto's BactoRiza 4. Activator


It consists of
1. Dr.Bacto’s Combo is consortium of Nitrogen (N) fixing, Phosphorous (P) Solubilizing, Potash (K) mobilizing bacteria. It is used to make available Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash to the plants.
Dosage: 200 gm / Acre
2. Dr. Bacto’s PSB is a Consortium of Root protecting bacteria . It is a Biological Nematicide. It produces hyphae inside the nematode eggs. It also produces enzymes like proteases and chitinase that weakens nematodes and controls crop from Nematodes. It also destroy the hibernating stages of nematodes in the soil.
Dosage: 200 gm/ acre
3. Dr. Bacto’s- Bactorhiza is a Powder formulation of Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae containing 1000 IP/gm.
ï‚· It increases water and nutrient uptake capabilities of the plants and holding capabilities of the soil.
ï‚· It helps to increase white root and root elongation in rhizosphere of the plant.
ï‚· It helps to make available Phosphorus and other micronutrients to the plant.
ï‚· It provide protection to the plant from certain pathogen and phytonematodes.
Dosage: 200 gm / acre
4. Activator is a Carbon and Nitrogen based food for beneficial microorganisms enriched with root promoting organic materials.
Dosage: 200gm/ acre

Total Kit is designed for 1 acre usage.
Target crops: Can use in all crops.