Dr. Bacto's Zeromite

Zeromite is an ecofriendly biological entomopathogenic fungus based on Sporothrix fungorum on highly effective in control of soft body insects.

The spores of Sporothrix fungorum feed on the soft body of these insects and eventually kills and control it.

Benefits: • Zeromite is effectively controls most of the soft bodies sucking insects like Red mite, Whitefly, Aphids, Thrips and Jassids.
• It is ecofriendly product and maintains the ecological balance.
 100 % organic Product
 Residue Free
 Can be used in export quality fruits and Vegetables.
 Certified organic product by NOCA as per NPOP standards.

For Foliar Spray only
 For Normal Attack – 2.5 ml per liter of water
 For Heavy Attack – 5.0 ml per liter of water