Larva Lock

Herbal Extract product

Leaf eating caterpillar and fruit borer, pod borer is feeding voraciously on leafy part along with developing pods and fruits by their strong chewing and biting type of mouth parts. These pest are mostly polyphagous feeding on different Vegetables and cereals crop also. It suppress the pest by disturbing normal metamorphosis process including cessation of feeding. The alkaloid present in this product leads to adverse effect on nervous system of pest. The fatty acids derived from natural oils are act as repellent for feeding, egg laying & habitat selection by polyphagous pest.

LARVA LOCK is unique combination of natural herb extract which have strong capacity to control larva. Due to its pure natural properties it is safe to the crop and human with no residue felt over. It has strong control over different larva. It makes plant healthier & protect them from every adverse condition or heavy larvae attack. It prepares plants for any climatic condition to sustain their yield and improve resistance power.
Targeted Crops:
It is effective for all fruit crops, vegetables, Floriculture crops, and cotton, soyabean & oil seeds.
Targeted pests: Cotton Bollworm, Cater Pillar, Cabbage armyworm, Fruit borer, stem borer
 100 % organic Product
 Residue Free
 Can be used in export quality fruits and Vegetables.
 Certified organic product by NOCA as per NPOP standards.

For Foliar Spray only
For Normal Attack – 1.5 ml per liter of water
For Heavy Attack – 2.0 ml per liter of water